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The New guidelines for Daily Water Intake

Magnesium Flakes vs Epsom Salts: What's the Difference?


4 Aromatherapy Essential Oils to Use This Summer

Ahh, summer. It's more than a season: it's a feeling, a memory, and an experience we wish could last all year long. Given that smell is closely...

The Top 5 Benefits of Drinking Water You Won’t Want to Miss Out On

Why Should I Drink Water? How Much Water Should I Drink?

Most people struggle to drink enough water on a day-to-day basis. Half of this battle...

5 Signs It’s Time to Increase Your Water Intake - and how Water Tracking Bottles Can Help

The fact is that most of us are not drinking enough water. It varies depending on your source, but the general recommendation for daily water...

Choosing an Aromatherapy Diffuser and Your Essential Oils

There are so many benefits of essential oils! Breathing in and otherwise applying essential oils to the body can be relaxing or stimulating,...

6 Tips to Stay Hydrated As The Weather Warms

Most people know that staying hydrated is not only an important part of physically feeling good, but also vital to our health and wellbeing.

What Are Essential Oils Used For? The 5 Best Benefits of Using Aromatherapy Sprays and Mists

For thousands of years, essential oils have been used for a variety of purposes. From healing and medicinal benefits to household applications,...

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